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Residential Care

Although many people prefer to stay in their own home for longer, for many it is just too isolating and lonely and for others, although they wish to remain independent, health issues make it impractical or unsafe to remain at home.

Our residential care focuses on maintaining lifestyle choices and empowering our residents to continue to lead happy, fulfilling lives within a safe residential setting.

They can enjoy their regular pastimes and activities, sample some new ones and make friends all within the residential setting.

We regularly poll our residents for their suggestions and enquire as to their likes and dislikes on many topics from the activities on offer to the dinner menu, because this is their home and so it is vital that they have a major say in the running of it. We all know that feeling lonely and isolated can lead to depression a decline in health so although residents have their own private room which they can retire to, we build a real sense of community within the home where no one is left out.

Dementia Care

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be devastating and that is why when it’s time, you must be absolutely confident that the care home you choose is the right one.

Accepting that full time care is necessary can be a difficult decision and an emotionally draining experience but at Ard Cuan our trained and experienced staff are happy to show you that this is the right decision. Dementia can cause the person to feel unsafe, anxious and disorientated. Everyday tasks can suddenly be seen as overwhelming so we create homely areas with discreet signage to offer reassurance and familiarity. This helps the person to feel more in control and independent. In their rooms we encourage personal belongings from home e.g. pictures, cushions or small items of furniture. These add to the sense of the familiar, creating a safe comfortable space.

It is important to us that all our residents continue to enjoy the activities and lifestyles they love. At Ard Cuan we will go out of our way to help recreate those lifestyles and introduce them to some new activities and friendships along the way with the support of our local community.

The Ard Cuan staff are experienced at building compassionate, trusting relationships and we tailor our care to each individuals needs, helping our residents to lead happy fulfilling lives, enjoy new things and forge new friendships. Through these activities and friendships every day will be stimulating, happy and safe.

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Respite Care

Respite care is ideal for those looking for convalescence either following a hospital stay or illness or through an emergency admission from their own home. Our aim at Ard Cuan is to provide a seamless continuity of care and our well-trained staff work hard to ensure that everyone’s personal preferences are respected.

Many people also arrange a trial stay as a temporary resident to see if Ard Cuan is the right choice for them as their new home.

As with all our admissions prior to your stay, our manager will arrange to meet with you either in the convenience of your own home or at Ard Cuan. Spending the time to start to get to know you, discovering your likes and dislikes and the things that are important to you will allow us to assess your care needs and tailor a care plan to suit you and will enable you to experience our high standard of care during your respite stay.