Our Vision


When you first enter Ard Cuan and smell the delicious aroma of home cooked food and hear the sounds of laughter, it soon becomes apparent that you have entered a real family home. Our vision was to construct a safe and comfortable home, a caring environment with a real sense of community for those who can no longer care for themselves and to make it a pleasant place where they feel relaxed and protected. Our vision allows residents to live life to the full, having as much input into the structure of their lives as possible, meet and make new friends share and experience pleasurable pursuits and feel they can make a real contribution to our little community.

For many Ard Cuan has become an extension of their own family home, they see the other residents and staff as part of that extended family. A family where all are welcome and none are excluded.

Whether you are someone who is unable to cope with life alone, unsafe or struggling with dementia or maybe just in need of a little extra care for a while, the staff and residents of Ard Cuan are happy and ready to welcome you.

Our Values

Ard Cuan is set within a pleasant rural setting where family and community are very important to us and we consider family values paramount. We believe residents and their families should be given the opportunity to play an active part in the lives of our residents and therefore all residents and their families are closely involved in decision making within the home, this ensures that the residents' wishes are taken into account in all aspects of daily life at Ard Cuan.

Because interaction is so very important in life we regularly invite local people and organisations into the home, including school choirs, musicians, the local hairdresser and even the petting Zoo. We support our local community by buying all of our food locally and cooking everything from fresh. We even keep our own chickens and our new dementia garden is sure to be a big hit with all the residents this summer.

Families are encouraged to visit as often as they would like and are greeted with a smile and a cup of tea. We encourage family to meet other residents who have become friendly with their loved ones. This widens the residents' circle, meeting new people, having interesting chats and enhancing the lives of all.

Our Aims

We understand that coming to Ard Cuan will be a major decision in your life but we are confident that you will settle in with us fairly quickly and come to love Ard Cuan as your home. Our Aim is to make your life infinitely better and happier, giving you the environment, structure and understanding to flourish.

Your well-being and happiness is paramount in Ard Cuan and our well trained and experienced staff are always on hand to assist, offer advice or simply sit and chat. Whatever you need we are here for you and we aim to do everything in our power to assist and support you. We are very proud at Ard Cuan of our little family of residents and the happy full lives that they lead. Our aim is not only to maintain this high standard but also to continually review and improve where necessary, therefore your views are very important to us and we welcome feedback from all residents and their families.