Our Team

Ard Cuan team members and residents

Ard Cuan team members and residents.

The Senior Management team at Ard Cuan consists of the Manager Frances Mullan and two Senior Carers, Joan Coffey and Deborah Johnston.

Frances Mullan

Frances Mullan's career commenced in Ard Cuan in 1995, she is highly qualified having a Level 5 diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care Services (Adults Residential Management) and is a Facilitator in Dementia Training. Frances has the compassion and skills needed to ensure the best care is available at all times in Ard Cuan and the training of all of her staff is up to date and relevant for every need, ensuring excellent care for all residents. Frances only lives a couple of minutes away and is always on hand if needed. Within Ard Cuan she found her calling, a place where she could make a real difference, a place where with the help and dedication of her staff she could create a safe haven for all who needed it.

Frances is very proud of the team she has built at Ard Cuan. The residents take pride in their home and have come to see the staff as part of their extended family, this has inspired Frances to invest not only more of her time and energy but to give a lifelong commitment to Ard Cuan. So as well as continuing as the day to day Manager she is also a Director.

Joan Coffey

Joan Coffey Senior Carer is extremely committed to her role and a firm favourite with all the residents. Joan knew early on that this was the work she wanted to do, helping to care for those who needed her, she has spent more than 20 years in Health and Social Care and holds a GNVQ health and Social Care advanced which allows her to work in residential or nursing. Joan joined the Ard Cuan family as a Care Assistant in 2001 and after 9 years, through hard work and dedication, Joan progressed to the position of Senior Carer. Whether Joan is introducing our residents to new stimulating activities, helping with daily tasks or simply listening, the residents show a trust in Joan and a genuine fondness that allows them to bond with her quickly. This puts everyone at ease and helps to give our Home a happy contented feeling.

Deborah Johnston

Deborah Johnston Senior Carer has been a valued member of the team at Ard Cuan since 2008 and has held the position of Senior Carer from 2011. She has shown a commendable sense of caring, committing herself through the Royal College of Nursing to complete various relevant courses and worked in EMI Nursing for 7 years and also in the Community for 3 years before coming to Ard Cuan. She holds a NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care. Deborah has a great compassion and patience with the residents, which allows her to build good relationships within Ard Cuan. She quickly gets to know the likes and dislikes of the residents and the way they like things done. Deborah is very popular with the residents as she brings a marvellous sense of fun to Ard Cuan, she is always up for a giggle and is a big hit as our resident Santa Claus!

“I am proud to lead a truly dedicated team and humbled that the residents have chosen to share their home with us”

Frances Mullan

Manager / Director

“Residents don't live in our workplace, we work in their home”

Joan Coffey

Senior Carer

“We believe everyone should have fun and laughter in their lives, I get a deep satisfaction when I see the smiles of our residents.”

Deborah Johnston

Senior Carer

“Home is not a place but a feeling of satisfaction and contentment and it is here in abundance.”

Mary Burrowes

Head of Kitchen

“Feeling safe and secure is the cornerstone of any home and I am dedicated to providing this for our residents”

Grainne McIlveen

Estates / Health & Safety

“Every day is different at Ard Cuan, it's a home were friends become family.”

Elaine Roddy